Birch Moon Midwifery provides midwifery care to low-risk women.  The office in Penobscot is about 15 minutes from Bucksport and Blue Hill, on the Blue Hill Peninsula.  Appointments are scheduled from 9-5, Monday-Friday.  Please call for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Tea and Scones – Free

Tea and Scones is a casual gathering of mothers, fathers, babies, toddlers, midwives, and friends.  This is a great opportunity to glean breastfeeding and parenting wisdom from other parents, to talk to others who have birthed in a variety of ways, and to meet thoughtful local parents and their amazing little ones.  The crowd size and make-up is different each week and everyone is welcome.  There is no need to RSVP–just stop in and there will be plenty of tea and scones and play!  If we are away or at a birth we post notice on the Birch Moon Midwifery Facebook page.  Through the fall we are meeting at a different local trail each week for a hike on Wednesdays at 9:30.  If the weather is poor we will be in Penobscot for tea and Scones from 9-11.

Consultation – Free

Choosing a midwife should include careful consideration of skill and training as well as style, philosophy, and personality.  The free, no-commitment consultation is a chance to meet us, ask questions, explore options, and get the information you need to make an informed choice about your midwife.

Homebirth Midwifery Services – $3,600

Prenatal Care
If after a consultation you decide to have your baby at home with the assistance of Birch Moon Midwifery, then prenatal care will begin.  The prenatal appointments include taking a complete history, lab work as necessary, physical exam, nutritional counseling, and abundant time for education, questions, and celebrations about your pregnancy.  Appointments are usually 60 minutes long and are scheduled every four weeks until the 32nd week of pregnancy, then every two weeks until the 36th week of pregnancy, and then every week until your baby is born.

When your labor begins, we will come to your home and support you while assuring the safety of both you and the baby.  Depending on the your desires and the labor, we may be very present—massaging, suggesting positions, or encouraging.  Or we may monitor you and your baby as unobtrusively as possible, giving you and your support person as much privacy as you wish.   After the baby is born, we remain in your home until both you and the baby are stable and settled into bed, usually three to six hours.  During this time you and your baby will be closely monitored and a full examination of your babe done.

Postpartum Care
The days and weeks after your baby arrives are times of enormous transition.  Postpartum care is extensive in order to support you through these transitions.  Appointments are scheduled when your baby is one day, three days, one week, two weeks, and six weeks old.  These visits include physical examinations of both you and your baby, lab tests as necessary and desired, as well as time for questions and celebrations about you and your baby.


Birth Tub Rental – $125

We own and maintain three portable birth tubs.  They are five feet in diameter and about thirty inches deep and hold roughly 100 gallons of water.  These firm-sided tubs have in-wall heaters that maintain the appropriate temperature of the water.

Well-Person Care – $110

Well person exams do not require paper clothes and stirrups.  Your annual care, including physical exam, pap test, breast exam, and STI testing  and family planning counseling if desired, can be done in a comfortable setting.  Lab fees are additional.